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Friday, March 25, 2011

“The Value of Doing Nothing” by Rian Peeperkorn, Amsterdam

"The pleasant spring weather in Holland invites me to do nothing. The loveliness of doing nothing. Yet, doing nothing isn’t easy. Sometimes you have that feeling that you’ve been busy and yet have done nothing – have accomplished nothing, which of course isn’t the case. When you’re busy, you are obviously doing something. Something isn’t nothing. My doing-nothing often constitutes enjoying quiet time, listening to music, being able to breathe. Some might call this meditating. These moments of doing-nothing often bring me great things. I can let go of something that keeps me trapped. I find answers to my questions. I gain wonderful insights into life and why I am who I am and do what I do. Or I discover what I really want and my creative brain runs overtime, filled with ideas and  images that constantly run by behind my closed eyes. So my doing-nothing is not really nothing.
When I feel that I’m doing nothing, it really tells me about my expectations about what I would have liked to do. The tangible result is not yet achieved and I can’t offer any proof of my ‘doing’.
All this provides me with the valuable insight that it’s not the result that counts, but the value that I assign to my actions, in this case my doing-nothing. I cannot achieve any results without my doing-nothing. If I would, I would just be running and racing without knowing where I am heading. If I would – and believe me, I often have – I can feel very disappointed to suddenly find myself in a place I really didn’t want to be. That’s when I really feel that all I did was in vain.
My doing-nothing is of incredible value, and boy, am I happy I can do this wonderful nothing in the gentle spring sun.

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  1. Doing nothing is ever so hard. I think that's why a recent study showed that Americans, particularly, have a very hard time relaxing.

    There's always that seventh thing to do the endless "To Do" list.

    Taking time out to watch the birds drink from the bird bath and, yes, sitting back and just enjoy feeling the warm sun on your face while sipping a cool one is so inviting.

    I hope some day soon in Minnesota it will be warm enough to do that.:~)

    Stay resilient!

    Steve Beseke