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Monday, September 12, 2011

Opening Doors – It’s a Whole New Week

“It’s Monday, it’s a whole new week” was the first thing I heard an elderly lady state cheerfully and convincingly at the local Audi dealer just a few hours ago. And even earlier today, I noticed a sign saying: “Open a new door every day” during a meeting at Caribou Coffee. These two phrases stuck with me and coincide with my intention to write a piece on opening new doors or in this case: opening a new door on this Monday morning. So here it is.

You can open new doors and keep opening the ones that are working for you, by contemplating and deciding on:

è Seriously considering your assumptions, beliefs, judgments, and hang-ups. They are yours to have or yours to change.

è Inviting others to help you get to know your blind spots.

è Focusing on content and process rather than just the packaging and just the end result.

è Moving from “playing safe because making mistakes means failing” to “daring to take risks because making mistakes means learning.”

è Doing a little bit more trusting and appreciating and a little less hesitating and feeling dissatisfied.

è Quitting to constantly compare yourself with others.

è Being really present in the here-and-now, paying attention and really seeing.

è Letting go of the over-importance of what others think of you.

è Moving from always wanting to be right to being able and willing to acknowledge you’re wrong.

è Doing a little less judging and a little more appreciating differences and benefiting from them.

è Moving from what all of us do at times, which is blaming, finger-pointing, hiding, and denying to acknowledging, acting accountable, and giving credit.

A tribute to that lady. I’m sure she’d love all those new doors and journeys. Make sure you do too!

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