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If you do not adapt, if you do not learn, you will wither, you will die.

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Questions to consider and thoughts to ponder

If you regularly visit my blog, you will have noticed I love questions. Not for the sake of questions, but for what they are capable of stirring up, for what they illuminate, unravel, reveal, and shed light on. This post covers questions to consider and thoughts to ponder. If it just gets you thinking in a different way, perceiving something from a new angle or trying new ways, I’ve accomplished my goal.

Seven questions to consider
n  Do you know what is really worth hanging on to and what’s weighing you down?

n  What has made you successful in the past that you need to change in order to move forward?

n  How often do you allow the pressures of conformity to hold you back?

n  Could it be that the best way to embrace change is to create it yourself?

n  How would a difficult situation that you cannot control change if you changed your perspective?

n  How often do you bring a variety of perspectives to the table?

n  Could it be that, in everyday life, you assume as certain many things that, on closer scrutiny, you find to be full of apparent contradictions?

Seven thoughts to ponder
n  A problem is only a problem if you think about it as such.

n  People who are certain might not be capable of learning much.

n  Your obstacles can do two things: stop you in your tracks or force you to be creative and adaptable.

n  One of your fiercest enemies is thoughtlessness.

n What you choose to see, believe, and think is how you develop and change.

n  Your ideas can enslave or liberate you. It’s up to you.

n  At times it's better to ask a new question rather than trying to solve an old problem.

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