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Saturday, March 3, 2012

Take Two – Personal Branding

In January I wrote about Personal Branding: http://caromoors.blogspot.com/2012/01/personal-branding.html . It’s time for Take Two.

Today I had the pleasure of attending an energizing and highly informative seminar by Chuck Bolton, president of The Bolton Group – an executive assessment and development firm in Minneapolis. Chuck was so kind to donate his expertise and enthusiasm to entrepreneurs and business people on how to create or improve our personal brand. As I too am a strong advocate of spreading, facilitating, and sharing I will share some of Chucks thoughts, questions, and tools regarding personal branding. I will do so in brief statements and questions, some put in my own words but with credit to Chuck:
-          Your brand statement and promise:
o   What’s the purpose of my role or business and why am I ‘in it’?
o   What do I stand for?
o   How do I make my work matter?
o   What do my stakeholders say about me, how would they describe my brand?
o   What are the desired experiences I want my clients to take away from my product/service
-          Explore and use social media such as twitter, LinkedIn, blogging and the many other means to communicate and share.

-          One of the basics: You have to be willing, daring, and ready to learn, unlearn, and relearn.

-          Which engaging stories can support your brand and your promise? Remember that intelligence touches the brain, passion and stories touch the heart.

-          How strong are your personal and interpersonal awareness? For more information on the basics and the use of awareness see two of my earlier posts on this topic:
o    http://caromoors.blogspot.com/search?q=awareness)
o   http://caromoors.blogspot.com/2011/03/gestalt-approach-to-organizational.html

-          Do you hold the right beliefs to be creating, delivering, and living your personal brand?

-          An old one that always seems to add value: What will you
o   Continue to do?
o   Start to do?
o   Stop doing?

-          Personal Mastery Essentials:
o   Your Head: strategy
o   Your Heart: emotions and experiences
o   Your Hands: competence to deliver

-          Find an accountability buddy whom you’ll collaborate with, who will inspire you, and who will help you question your assumptions, attitudes, and actions like you do for her/him.

-          To top it all of: Personal branding is about:
o   Authenticity
o   You and your story
o   Emotions, experiences, and promises
o   Influence, trust, and reputation

Excuses or bold behavior? It’s Your Choice. Again, with a tremendous Thank You to Chuck Bolton!

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  1. Thanks for the post and summary, Carolien; I was hoping to attend but couldn't. I gravitate to "brand" discussions because they parallel my view about "Identity" (including brand) as a foundation for integrity. A brand begins with its promise and becomes a strong brand when it lives up to hat promise (Accountability.) I think two more factors that contribute to brand value are its degree of resonance with a target market (actual products and services offered, as well as values, and consistency. Brand integrity and value are diminished when we cannot trust that products or service will be consistent. Thanks again!