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Saturday, May 31, 2014

Questions Requiring Candid Answers

While the rain is pouring down on a hot humid evening here in the Twin Cities I have a couple of questions for you.

Question 1: Are you a passenger or the pilot?

Are you making sure you are in control and can you resist the temptation
of victim behavior, blaming and other self-deceptive behaviors?


Question 2: Which Are Your Biggest Fears?

Being seen as incompetent? Losing control? Not being accepted? Not being able to keep up? Something completely different?

Question 3: What might you be missing?

Because you don’t wish to see the inconvenient truth.
Because you’re caught up in details?
Because you’re not seeing all the details?
Because you take just a limited perspective?

Question 4: Are you alert and sharp enough?

How is your awareness in the here-and-now?

Question 5: Which roadblocks are you neglecting, and which are you needlessly creating?

Roadblocks within yourself? Within the other person? Within the department or company?

Question 6: Who is your challenger in chief?

Who do you invite to provide you with candid feedback?
How do you ensure others feel free to dissent and disagree with you?

Do yourself a favor and answer candidly.

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