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Monday, September 7, 2015

Wanna be more effective?

If you wish to be more effective, it doesn't really matter what field or position you're in. I have three lines for you, regardless:
1. Understand yourself
2. Understand others
3. Remain aware, calm, and focused

In times of stress, pause and return to the ‘here-and-now’ and ask yourself the following questions:

Where can I feel the stress in my body?      
- exercise or relax those muscles

Which are my assumptions in this situation, right now?
- Does this belief fit with a more objective reality and how others may see it?
- Does this belief support the achievement of constructive interests and goals?
- Does this belief help foster positive, healthy relationships?
- Does this belief seem reasonable and logical given the context?

What is my state of mind right now?
- How can I shift my mind from victim to accountability?
- What can I do differently right now this very moment?
- What one thing can I do to take better care of myself right now?
- What purpose is my behavior serving? Often it’s self-protection from (perceived) harm or threat. Is that the case right now?

What am I focusing on in this very moment?
- Is it productive, healthy?
- Which words do I tend to use right now?
- What’s my self-talk like? Constructive and focused on what I can control?

What are the possible interests of others involved in this situation?
- What are they possibly trying to accomplish?
- What are they possibly afraid of and trying to avoid?
- What could I be missing in this situation that they may see?

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