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Tuesday, January 3, 2017

"Mini-MBA" Psychology for Project and Program Managers

Hope to see you on Mon. Jan. 16 at the PMI-MN Chapter Dinner for my presentation: “Mini-MBA” Psychology for Project and Program Managers, where I’ll be providing practical leadership development.

Location: Crowne Plaza Mpls AIRPORT, 3 Appletree Square in
Bloomington, MN. Speaker: Carolien Moors
Program Description: 
Are you ever surprised by someone’s responses? Have you ever felt you had too little control in a conversation? Do you ever wish you’d understand someone’s motivations better? It’s this human side of project management that makes it interesting and complicated. Effective project management relies on technical abilities, organizational skills and soft skills. The latter help you deal with the numerous human complexities of your job and is the focus of this session. As a project manager you have to be psychologically savvy and socially skilled to effectively balance the needs and demands of different stakeholders, to navigate conflicting styles and team tensions, and to deal with accountability and scope concerns to name just a few. During this dinner session you will gain relevant insights and practical tips from cognitive and gestalt psychology, system thinking, Adlerian and positive psychology, and from renowned research studies pertaining to human behavior in the workplace. We will discuss the impact of human motivations, interpersonal allergies, thinking patterns, fears, and tendencies on the perception of people and situations and how they are subsequently handled. You will learn about thought-provoking questions to ask yourself that will increase your self-awareness. We will discuss the benefits of changing your narrative, of correcting your assumptions and thinking errors, of the power and pitfalls of focus and much more. This session will help you understand and influence yourself, others, and situations better to increase your effectiveness as a project or program manager.

5:00 Career Networking Group
5:30 Practitioner Communities 
6:00 New Member Orientation
6:30 Dinner
7:15 Webstream broadcast begins 
7:20 PMI-MN Chapter Business / Intros
7:30 Presentation

8:20 Q & A


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