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Friday, February 11, 2011

Peaceful, powerful perseverance and courage-in-action

Finally – he stepped down! What a remarkable demonstration of peaceful persistence and of courage by the Egyptian people. Talking about bringing about change! Timing, persistence, courage, passion, the power of numbers, and authenticity seem some of the key factors in this revolution and in its result.
Weeks of historic importance accumulating in the long-anticipated resignation of Mubarak, turning “The Square of Freedom” and the rest of Egypt and the world into places of intense celebration and a sense of justification and accomplishment.
Despite my optimistic nature I wonder and worry about what’s to come. Euphoria, happiness, initial excitement, and hope are too often followed by despair and disillusionment, partly due to inexperience, chaos, worrisome power shifts, and optimism with too little realism leading to unrealistic expectations. How I wish for the Egyptian people to prove me wrong in my worries.
From the little I know and am capable imagining, the challenges of rethinking, redesigning, and rebuilding must be daunting. New oppression with a different face could be lurking already. So many people, sometimes complete generations, have struggled and suffered after dictators and oppressive systems were overthrown, like in former Eastern Germany to mention just one example. In some place these challenges were overcome, in others people woke up to yet another oppressive system with just a different name.
From a systems perspective: so much unknown yet about the consequences of Mubarak’s resignation for the wider region and the whole world. If one part in a system changes, the whole system changes. If only there were guarantees.
This is clearly not my field of expertise, I can only share my thoughts and feelings. I have no answers, just questions and, above all, worries. And most of all: I hope for a healthy, democratic, prospering Egypt by and for the people.  So for now, I enjoy the pictures and sounds of celebration, with deep respect for the demonstrators and the Egyptian army – a force that will have to show its true colors in the coming days and weeks. Hopefully the colors will remain the same.

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