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Monday, February 18, 2013

I do not mind to be the one to bring it up

The most destructive conversations in the workplace are the ones left unsaid. 

Most people instinctively avoid conflict even though good disagreement is central to progress.
Conflict avoidance and selective blindness lead managers, employees, and organizations astray.

Self-deception is inherent in the psychology of human beings. Self-deluded people believe that intention automatically translates into behavior.

The best partners aren’t echo-chambers and yes-men. The best teams allow people to deeply disagree.

One of the saddest phrases in the workplace: No one ever told me. 

When you avoid negative feedback and conflict, you lack accountability and you do a disservice to all involved. You waste everyone’s time.

There are many situations in the workplace where conversations benefit from subtlety and nuance. There are at least as many that need plain directness and courageous candor.

I choose my top two and went to work. 
Which one needs your attention most? Choose and get going. Now. 
Now isn't just the best time, but really the only time to start growing and improving. 

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