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If you do not adapt, if you do not learn, you will wither, you will die.

Thursday, September 19, 2013


A skill. A gift. A necessity.

Without it, you dis-engage, you dis-connect.
Without it, you easily disagree, disappoint.

A vast amount of business is conducted (and ruined) in the absence of really noticing. Too many interactions in the workplace (and elsewhere) are starved of full attention, of genuine interest, and of open-minded and focused curiosity.

What it takes to really notice?

Your willingness to work hard on staying in the here-and-now, with awareness of yourself, of the other person, and of what happens in the interaction.

Your skillfulness to pay attention to details and the mundane as well as to the special and the big.

Your keenness to open yourself up so you can sense, wonder, and listen without having to worry about image, heroism, selling, scoring.

Your readiness to welcome candor and directness.

Your eagerness to set aside the many distractions that viciously fight for your attention.

Your adeptness to deal with the unexpected and with what might be uncomfortable.

A mindset. A process. A joy. 


  1. Well said, Carolien! As the former NY Yankees and pundit Yogi Berra put it: "You can see a lot by looking." A large part of a true leader's job is to see (notice) things first, see them clearly and communicate what she sees to followers.

  2. So true Al. The first and foremost job of a leader is so simple, but apparently for many it's not easy. Noticing takes more focus, attention, and energy than we seem willing to invest in this basic and profound activity, mostly because we neglect to see what it brings us, and others. And, of course, because we all think we're good at it. Little do we know.