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If you do not adapt, if you do not learn, you will wither, you will die.

Monday, January 26, 2015

Thinking Bold, Acting Bold, Being Bold

Being bold = being honest with yourself and with others.

Being bold = mustering the strength to appear vulnerable.

Being bold = facing your fears and imperfections.

Being bold = acknowledging how you deceive yourself.

Being bold = questioning your assumptions and behaviors.

Being bold = asking tough questions without sugar-coating.

Being bold = resisting the risk-avoidant behavior of over-thinking.

Being bold = being willing to say ‘no’ and disappoint.

Being bold = being willing to say ‘I disagree’, regardless the hierarchy.

Being bold = knowing you don’t need to be liked by everyone all the time.

Being bold = speaking out and going beyond accepted norms.

Being bold = the first and last step in creating any kind of change.

What is being bold to you? 

How bold did you act today? 

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