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Thursday, March 5, 2015

Your complimentary online coaching session

Regardless of your industry, company, position, and present level of success, I’m sure there are problems on your plate for which coaching would be beneficial. The value of coaching is for a great deal in the interaction. For interaction with a skilled, astute coach creates deeper levels of awareness, stronger critical thinking skills, strengthened resilience, and improved accountability. This post is far from interactive, however, the following 21 questions can get you started when dealing with people, project, or other challenges. Answer them all, candidly and on paper, then revisit the questions and your responses in a few hours or, if it can wait a little longer, the next day:

1. Why is the problem a problem for everyone involved?
2. Which are your assumptions about the problem?
3. Which are your assumptions about every individual involved?
4. Do you recognize any untested and biased assumptions on your end?
5. What is the influence of power dynamics between you and others involved?
6. What are you trying to accomplish and whereto – for what bigger reason?
7. What’s important about that to you and others aware of this?
8. How are your sensitivities and ‘interpersonal allergies’ at play here?
9. What might someone who knows you well observe in this situation?
10. How candid have you been with yourself and with others?
11. How may stakeholders think totally different from you and why?
12. What specifically is it that the involved people are working to accomplish?
13. What have you tried so far and with what results?
14. What’s got you stuck, do you see connections with previous situations?
15. What is it that you may be fearing? And others?
16. What else would you do if you didn’t feel restricted by anything/anyone?
17. What would you need and from whom to actually do that?
18. How can you significantly change the conversation with those involved?
19. What are the next specific steps you will take to move things forward?
20. How will you know that you are progressing toward your goal?
21. How will you hold yourself accountable for progress and results?

Seriously answering every single question on paper, rather than zooming through them with an “I’ve gone through this before” or “I already know the answer to this question” – attitude, will help you think, choose, and accomplish differently.

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