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Monday, April 11, 2011

Whole Systems Leadership

Two weeks ago I had the pleasure of a Leadership Conversation with Mary-Jo Kreitzer, the inspiring director of The Center for Spirituality & Healing of the University of Minnesota whom I first met a couple of years ago. The Center, as I will call it, provides a view on leadership that is similar to my view and, above all, well worth checking into. Out of my passion to spread and to share I refer you to their site:

Whole Systems Leadership in Brief
Leadership is behavior, choices, an attitude and not a position. Leadership is a way of doing, but more so, a way of being. It’s not as much about positional power and expertise as many people believe it to be. Leadership implies dealing with complexities and interdependence. The Center’s and my leadership premises are based on system thinking, on the gestalt psychology (with its focus on awareness) about which I’ve been writing on this blog, and on continuous learning - ingredients that make leadership adaptive and that enable appropriate responses to complex situations and dynamics.
The Center’s website on Whole Systems Leadership provides you with their vision, with a listing of the six core characteristics of whole systems leadership, with many great suggested readings on the topic, and with questions, exercises, and a learning module.
Enjoy. Be inspired. Take on new perspectives.

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