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Thursday, May 31, 2012

Just a reminder

With all the talk about leadership on this blog and so many other media, just a few simple reminders about leadership, whether you’re in an official leadership position or not.

à Leadership is about being around, being visible, literally as well as in respect to what you stand for.

à The next step is being available, not just around. Being fully present, with all your attention.

à This implies real listening and true questions so that people elaborate, share, and converse with you.

à For such a conversation to be effective requires you to be aware of your own state of being right there and then, of the connection of that moment, of emotions and the dynamics in the here-and-now.

à Leadership, among many other things, is being available and walking the talk. And if you’re not, it includes honesty about your distractions, blind spots, and distortions.

à Leadership starts and ends with true connections, the first and founding connection being the one with yourself.

I agree with Tom Peters: “The best leaders don’t create followers - they create more leaders.” Of course, followers might make you feel better, but in most situations they don’t help you, your team, nor your organization perform much better. 

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