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Tuesday, April 30, 2013

What if - Beyond the Box

What if you’d stop proving how smart you are
and start listening?

What if you’d stop commanding
and start asking questions?

What if you’d stop tripping over your ego
and start a journey of humility?

What if you’d stop the self-absorption train
and start focusing on others?

What if you’d stop controlling
and start letting go?

What if you’d stop worrying about ‘leadership presence’
and start working on ‘being present’?

Many teachers dislike the ‘what if…’ questions that students love to ask.
Our son has numerous stories about frustrations of teachers dealing with the never-ending stream of ‘what ifs’.

But it’s not all about stalling and distracting. And even if it were, shouldn’t we be stimulating youngsters to think beyond the framework they are handed - to think beyond the box? Shouldn’t we encourage independent, critical, out of the ordinary thinking?

What if a student would answer a question on a test with a much better question instead of providing the ‘correct’ answer?

What if we’d ‘what if’ each other regularly? In business settings and beyond.

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