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Monday, March 31, 2014

Reflection Time

Most of the leaders that I coach are busy. They are real busy strategizing, meeting, traveling, implementing, overseeing, guiding... The occasional client reflects regularly and effectively – but they are the exception. The majority of the leaders I work with tell me there’s not much time to reflect (read: no time at all). And that’s a lousy excuse for not reserving time to do what really improves your EQ and your professional effectiveness. Below you find some of the reflection questions my clients have found helpful. And let’s say it as it is: we all take showers, wait in line, drive more than we want to, and have other moments that can be used for reflection if you really don’t want to take time out of your day.

- What matters most to me? Is that what I spend most of my time on?
- Which values guide me? Do my actions really show this?
- Who have I influenced lately? How is this benefiting them?
- What two ‘things’ inspire and energize me most? How do I grow from this?
- What is it that I hate when people say this about me? How much truth is there in this feedback?
- How focused and present in the here-and-now was I really today?
- What do I tend to deceive myself about? What purpose is this serving?
- What two ‘things’ create stress for me? What’s my own role in this?
- What am I known for, what is my reputation, how do others describe me?
- What do I better let go off to solidify this position or obtain the next one?
- What are people likely to say about me at the water cooler?
- What do I wish to preserve and take with me regardless where I go?
- What is wise to add to my bag of tools and why haven’t I done this yet?

The most effective ‘reflectionists’ reflect regularly, with input from others who are candid with them, and they follow it up with specific actions.

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