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Thursday, July 19, 2012

Questions To Trigger You

I don't have all the answers, I sure don't. I do like to trigger you with bold questions. For different perspectives on many of the topics in these questions, please feel free to browse this blog with many different articles, all related to leadership, change management, and personal development. Over to the questions: 

1. How do you best recognize and resolve the tensions between flexibility and control both with customers and in the office with your subordinates, peers, superiors?

2. How do you avoid becoming the prisoner of your personality and tendencies?

3. How do you ensure not to be exaggerating your strengths to a point where they turn into your liabilities?

4. How actively do you combine perspectives, skills, and knowledge in new ways? How can you improve in this area? Who would be a good example and mentor for you to accomplish this goal?

5. Can and do you adopt new ways of doing things without necessarily being under pressure first? How do you stay sharp, how do you stay away from complacency?

6. How are you working on creating a culture, a tradition, of constructively challenging the status quo at  your company?

7. The majority of effective leaders have worked hard on themselves. Very hard. How is your ‘work-in-progress’ coming along?

8. In which ways do you actively encourage yourself and others to challenge ‘business as usual’?

Wishing you a reflective time resulting in the necessary insights, energy, and courage to make things happen. To make different things happen. To make things happen differently. 


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