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Sunday, July 29, 2012

Something to develop in yourself and in others

Assuming that you know when the time is right, it is very useful and powerful to share and not hold back your questions. Questions about the way business is done, questions when you have doubts about what your are asked to do, questions regarding habits and routines. This may be challenging on both sides of the questioning, however, the possible new ideas and perspectives, can generate discussions and thought processes on a deeper level and from a different perspective.

2.Forward thinking
With the questioning comes the suggestions and the problem-solving, even when others don’t see a problem that needs solving. You can make it a habit to construct and suggest new methods of approaching challenges and ways of improving processes as well as opportunities that others can’t even imagine yet.

3.Offering help to others and being the one others go to
More than ‘just’ being a team player, people who gladly and abundantly help others become more successful. They add tremendous value to the organization and to their own development. Make sure you are known as the person to be asked for help even if you’re not an expert in what they are struggling with. Sometimes active listening, sharp questioning, and directing the person in the right direction will do the job. You can be the one others on the team go to for guidance and advice. This way you’ll be noticed in the most acceptable way possible. Of course you want to make it a conscious and consistent effort to notice and acknowledge other people’s contributions.  

Three simple things to develop in yourself and in others – which one is first on your list? 

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