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Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Beliefs that create success

January. The month in which you will be bombarded with weight loss research and tips, with fitness programs that 'work', with golden formulas that take you from ‘resolution-to-result’ and with numerous well-intended pieces of advice on how to live and work better, healthier and more effectively. If you are into this kind of stuff, enjoy it and good luck. There certainly is some great stuff in that huge pile. I wish to stick to what cognitive psychology has been proving us for many decades: The power of our mind, our beliefs, and our thoughts. 

I selected personal beliefs that have created success for my clients and for myself. There are more, which I might share in a later post, but today I stick with the following nine beliefs: 

Belief #1
A pretty good predictor of success is your capability to be persistent and resilient in the face of false starts, wrong turns, and dead ends.

Belief #2
How you treat others in the course of conducting your business and your relationships is the most obvious indicator of what kind of person you are.

Belief # 3
Applicable in families, organizations, everywhere: Freedom is essential to the development of personal responsibility.

Belief #4
Candor and courage are at the heart of growth, at the heart of collaboration, at the heart of success, and at the heart of a meaningful life.

Belief #5
No single aspect, behavior, dynamic, person, or element makes sense without realizing the full extent of its connection to the total system which it is part of.

Belief #6
Stepping back, reflecting, and being fully present and aware ‘right here and now’ are indispensable steps to moving forward.

Belief #7
Single-minded thinking, limited perspectives, and premature judgments are at the heart of distrust, conflict, and stagnation.

Belief #8
The power over your own mind, thoughts, and actions (and in that order) is the only power that really creates results.

Belief #9
The biggest gift to yourself and to others is ways to improve the five C’s: critical thinking, creativity, courage, communication, and collaboration.

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  1. Great post Carolien! Right on....especially Belief #8 (of course)!!! I always appreciate your insights. I am reposting this in my blog! Thanks!